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Boost Your Brand’s Online Presence through Strategic Search and Social Enhancements.

Digital Marketing Overview

Digital marketing encompasses all aspects of your business' online presence - your website, your social media channels, your online advertisements, and even your email. 

With the rise of digital, the buying process has changed. Before, salespeople were the gatekeepers of information. But today, most people begin their research processes long before they ever reach out to someone in sales. With over 100 billion Google searches each month, it's obvious that most of that research is happening online.

For this reason, it's essential to manage your business' digital presence. Your products, services, and value proposition all must be easily accessible by searchers. Transparency is key - with the rise of social media and online review sites, it's never been easier for a potential customer to fact-check the claims on your website, learn about others' experiences with you, and come to their own conclusions. 

Content creation is often at the center of a digital marketing strategy. By creating a strategic content plan based on the questions your customers are asking and the problems they're trying to solve, you can create a pipeline of digital collateral to share on your website, social channels, and e-blasts, increasing your overall traffic, social engagement, and email effectiveness. 


Digital Marketing Assessment Checklist

We will look at all aspects of your online presence to determine the best course of action, customized specifically for your business.

The assessment will include: 

  • Website structure - Is your website easy to navigate? Is the user experience seamless?

  • Website performance - Do your pages load quickly? Is your website optimized for mobile? Is AMP enabled?

  • Website content - Are there key pages missing from your site that need to be added?

  • Blog content - Does your business write regularly on a blog? Are the topics relevant to your audience and your core services? Are all articles categorized correctly?

  • Search presence - How much of your website traffic comes from organic search? Are you ranking for your target search terms?

  • Local SEO - Are you ranking for local searches? Is your contact information the same across all channels?

  • Social media - Are you active on the networks where your customers spend their time? Are you engaging with prospects and customers?

  • Email marketing - Are you communicating regularly with your email lists? Are communications personalized and segmented based on lifecycle stage and area of interest?

  • Branding - Is your branding consistent across all channels?

What sets Gilroy Associates apart is the way they brought thought leadership to our issues, and at the same time, were able to deliver very pragmatic, actionable advice. They were impactful and fantastic to work with.
— Barbara Bridendolph, CEO, Crenshaw Associates

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