About Gilroy Associates

With over 150 years’ combined experience in the IT space, Gilroy Associates isn’t your typical consulting firm. We’ve seen and done it all, from all angles - from direct to the channel, and manufacturers to partners.

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Our Value Proposition

What we do

At our core, we are revenue drivers. No matter the client, our goal is to help you drive incremental revenue, accelerate time to revenue, fast-track your ability to reach key decision makers, and take costs out of your system.

How we do it

Our strategy and approach is individualized based on each client’s needs. A typical engagement may include:

  • Go to Market optimization

  • Routes-to-Market optimization

  • Marketing improvements

  • Connections to executive-level decision makers

What makes us different?

Many consultants offer long-term engagements, making you decide early on to sign a high-cost, multi-year contract, without any guarantee of results.

Instead, we offer shorter-term engagements with fast-acting solutions. We’re not steeped in the theoretical, but rather are practical and action driven. We will prioritize strategies you need to deploy and connections you need to make quickly, getting you to the appropriate levels of partners and customers fast.

How can we do it so quickly? We know this business cold thanks to our years of experience, so it doesn’t take long for us to “get up to speed” or to create a high-speed, revenue-generating action plan. With deep subject matter expertise, you can expect only seasoned executives and principals on your account.


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We work with manufacturers, channel partners, and distributors, creating customized plans to accelerate your business’ revenue and overall growth.

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Our greatest strength comes from our team - our 200 years’ experience and deep connections to important industry peers, partners, and customers.