Case Study: OneAffiniti
Australian Company Expanding into the U.S.


Overview: A marketing service company headquartered in Australia wanted to secure a foothold in the U.S. market.

OneAffiniti is an Australia-based company that manages digital marketing campaigns for the tech industry. They reached out to us several months ago, looking for support in breaking into the North American market. They had an office in Texas, which was set up to service their existing U.S. accounts.

Their goal was to land and expand into new accounts to solidify their presence and grow their revenue in the U.S. market. 

They knew they needed to strategically manage multiple aspects of their expansion, which was challenging in their early stages yet essential in order to decrease their concentration risk. They had to:

  1. Develop an understanding of the North American market dynamics, including key players

  2. Identify prospects with the highest propensity to buy so as to optimize their sales resources and time

  3. Rapidly reach high-level decision makers at partners and customers

  4. Grow their pipeline while adding new sales team members

  5. Create a business process and cadence to move sales forward, while not over-complicating the sales cycle or burdening the sales team   

To top it off, they knew they needed quick wins since they wanted to secure additional funding. It was time to bring in new perspectives and expertise. That’s where we came in. 


Challenges: What had to change?

problem 1 pipeline.png

Grow the funnel

With few customer references, they were struggling to fill the funnel with high-quality prospects who trusted their expertise.

problem 1 pipeline.png

Develop RTM Strategy

Needed to become familiar with the U.S. partner landscape, requiring a plan to scale, a new RTM strategy, and prioritization support.

problem 3 access.png

Elevate Access

Had a very small network, and low-level relationships with partners. They needed access to C-level executives.

problem 4 messaging.png

Expand Messaging

Much of their messaging was internally-focused, so they needed to develop a stronger value proposition and strategy for covering channel economics.


Solution: Developed a prioritized plan to grow revenue.

Phase 0 Build the Foundation.png

Phase 0: Build The Foundation

  • Fine tuned value proposition

  • Reviewed depth & breadth of relationships

  • Analyzed partner economics, time to revenue, ROI

  • Determined ability to scale

  • Prioritized routes to market

Phase 1 Testing.png

Phase 1: Test

  • Tested the value proposition, economics

  • Identified high propensity partners

  • Built pipeline

  • Hosted bi-weekly funnel and strategy calls to identify inhibitors, next steps, close plans

Phase 2 Launch.png

Phase 2: Launch

  • Introduced client to C-level executives

  • Back-channeled info from partners to verify status

  • Continued to build and matriculate pipeline

  • Biweekly funnel and strategy acceleration review

Phase 3: Run

  • Continued Phase 2 activities

  • Developed new routes, partner types, partnerships


Results: Gained Entry into U.S. Market & Accelerated Time to Revenue

Upward motion

After just 5 months, OneAffiniti:

  • Increased valuation 3x

  • Secured C-level / EVP meetings with nine F500 companies

  • Increased pipeline 6x

  • The CEO is now ready to secure growth equity


“GA’s knowledge of the industry and their ability to offer new and fresh ideas has been invaluable to our growth strategy.”

Joel Montgomery, CEO


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