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Strategies For New Customer Acquisition and Top Line Growth

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Go to Market (GTM) Overview

Companies often think their technology is enough for success, but this is not the case at all. A GTM strategy is the ultimate plan for how to take a product, service, or solution to market, and a profound GTM will enable you to mitigate gaps in your product line and grow your market share.

Your GTM starts with your customers. Looking at the world from their point of view will help you craft your own GTM strategy. A Harvard Business Review article sums up advice for startups, which we believe applies to companies at any stage: “[Companies] should think about what the customers are trying to achieve and what problems they need to solve — and then think about how the product can help them be successful.”  

Some GTM considerations include:

  • How will you increase your top line revenue? This will lead you to a direct and indirect strategy.

  • What problems are your customers trying to solve? This will help you craft your messaging.

  • How will your customers search for information? This will tell you where and how to advertise and be present.

  • What experiences do your customers expect on every step of their customer journey? This will tell you where to focus on your customer experience (CX).

  • Where and how do customers want to purchase your solution? This will guide your Routes to Market strategy.


Go to Market Assessment Checklist

Gilroy Associates has unique experience and proven expertise in some of the more nuanced components of a GTM strategy including customer and partner acquisition, segmentation, experience, and both economic and strategic value propositions.  

Our GTM strategy assessment will include:

What sets Gilroy Associates apart is the way they brought thought leadership to our issues, and at the same time, were able to deliver very pragmatic, actionable advice. They were impactful and fantastic to work with.
— Barbara Bridendolph, CEO, Crenshaw Associates

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